At Beacon Wealth Management, we provide wealth solutions to the  5 major challenges facing entrepreneurs, medical and professional practitioners, and retirees.

What are your dreams for retirement? We begin with the end in mind by taking your vision and helping to turn it into reality. We have a disciplined process that we use to manage your portfolio. We will do a complete analysis of your retirement income and assets and then come up with a plan. As we know that life changes, we constantly and consistently monitor your portfolio, tweaking it as necessary to keep up with the changes. Throughout our process, you will have the service, trust and accountability needed to feel confident about meeting your financial goals.

How do you feel about Uncle Sam? Taxes are one of the largest expenses we pay throughout our lives, so we feel it’s safe to say that Uncle Sam is no one’s best friend. We do our best to put tax reduction strategies in place based on your specific situation. We review your tax returns, contributions, etc. to identify potential savings and/or restructuring opportunities so we can provide proactive ideas to save you money in the future.

Is your family protected in unforeseen circumstances? Life is unexpected and no one knows what tomorrow holds. Do you have a rainy day fund? Protection for your family? Money to cover healthcare costs? We identify risks, such as death, health and disability, and long term care. We help you calculate the financial impact on you and your family, should one of these risks happen, to ensure everyone is adequately and appropriately protected. Remember, life is priceless.

What’s your legacy? Family and charity are often times high on many people’s list of those who should benefit from their lifetime of work. We will work to formalize your wishes by maximizing the value of your assets to the people and causes you cherish. We help maximize inheritance to children and protect them from spending it all at once. We put together a strategy for charitable inclinations, as well as minimizing taxation at death and avoiding probate. We do our best to make sure your legacy is distributed according to your wishes.


Accomplishing financial freedom is about having a disciplined process that provides a solutions-based wealth strategy rather than being sold products, hot performers or the latest and greatest. 

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