Stories from the Front Porch

Recently, I got the opportunity to sit on the floor with my children. We spent the afternoon engaged in a time-honored pastime of coloring. We got out the "big book", and all the crayons, spread ourselves on the family room floor, and just enjoyed each other as we colored the pictures and chatted about things important to little people.

June, 2020

The Color of Life

Just about everyone has a relationship in life that probably wouldn't make much sense to people on the outside. Maybe you're friends with someone who has a different lifestyle, or who comes from a different background. Perhaps you've never even met the person, and their influence has been felt from afar.

May, 2020

Curious Friendships

Abraham Lincoln has long been ranked as one of America's most loved presidents, both for his age-spanning leadership and also for his homespun humor. What follows is an example of both, and I hope you find this story as inspirational as I did. It shows that every storm can have a silver lining, if we are open-minded enough to look for it.

April, 2020

There's Something In It

The law of unintended consequences is as applicable to human nature as it is to science. One of the best things about owning my own financial practice is the opportunity to build life long relationships. Many people share impactful stories with me about their lives, and today I want to share one with you. Please read on and be prepared for goosebumps, and possibly some tears from this heartfelt story.

March, 2020

Never Underestimate the Power of Your Actions

When a Utah highway patrolman named Ruben Correa conducted a routine traffic stop early one morning, he didn’t think he was about to experience a scene straight out of a movie.

January, 2020

The Great Train Rescue

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