What's in a Number?

Solutions 4 Financial Independence

What would be the best way to leave my money for my kids?

What are some questions I should be asking before hiring a financial advisor?

You talk a lot about why establishing why money is so important to your family. Explain that a little bit to me.

I'm starting to get my life together and deal with all the bills. What debt is ok?

I'm 54 and thinking about retiring, but I'm not sure if I can. What are some things I should consider before I make that final decision?

I'm a 62 year old employee of the hospital and wanted to know if I could rollover my TSP before I retire. If so, what should I consider?

I've been hearing about the Department of Labor regulation changes. What impact will that have on my retirement accounts?

I'm a medical professional and I'm 53 years old. I'm fed up with my job right now. I have a pension, social security and some retirement plans. I'm really thinking about retiring. Is that feasible?

I've worked at 3 or 4 different hospitals. I have multiple retirement plans, more money in bank accounts, where do I even start? I'm overwhelmed.

Do you consider asset allocation an effective way to manage investment risk?

I have a 401(k) where I work. I also have a side business, can I have 2 401(k)'s?

I am a Federal Employee and I feel like our benefits are not that great. I have been thinking about switching jobs. What do you think of the Federal Benefits Package?

I recently met with an insurance salesman who told me I should buy whole life insurance to fund my retirement, would you agree it could be an investment?

I'm a retired doctor and 20 years ago I set up a Living Trust and an ILIT Trust to help pay my estate taxes. Today I am worth about a million dollars, do I still need those trusts?

What's the difference between a broker and a financial planner?

There's a lot of options out there. If someone is just wanting to get involved, should you go low risk, high risk, medium risk?

Why are people using credit cards more than ever?

I've heard a lot about the market potentially collapsing due to a seven year cycle, so I'm now terrified to get in. Do you think we really could have a total collapse? - Part 2

I've heard a lot about the market potentially collapsing due to a seven year cycle, so I'm now terrified to get in. Do you think we really could have a total collapse? - Part 1

We own our own practice. And we just got our taxes done. The company matches 6% but my wife wasn't able to put in as much as myself. Is there something we could have done differently here?

What's more important - the amount of money you put away, the interest you make on that money or the amount of time that you invest it?

I hear there's a financial crisis, but I just assume that it's only for the working class. Do you believe it's for professionals also?

I just started my job. They offered me a 401(k) plan. I'm embarrassed to say, but I don't know what that is.

Wealth Strategy Center

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Imagine fast-forwarding 20 years from now - what financial advice would you give yourself today?

Save more, spend less, then save some more. 

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Planning for your financial future is a journey, but you don't have to walk it alone. What we've learned about preparing for our own retirement may help you prepare for yours. While our situations may be different, we can still share our strategies. Meet with us today to take a walk in our shoes.

Community Difference Makers

Community Difference Makers with Jim Harris of Health Access, Inc.

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Mark McMillion takes lead with his company McMillion Leadership Associates. Find out what it takes to be a leader from this West Point graduate.

Sally Cann, President of Harrison County Student Achievement Board:

Sally Cann tells us how she became involved in the community, from raising her wonderful children to becoming President of Clarksburg League for Service, Harrison County Board of Education, and the Harrison County Student Achievement Board.

Wes Brown, Owner of Gorilla Strength and Fitness

Discover how Wes is making a big difference in his community by using sports performance training to build character in youth.

Joann Gilbert, Principal of Nutter Fort Elementary School

Discover how Joann is making a big difference in her community with The Leader In Me program. 

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