What Does It Take To Be Affluent?

Most affluent people came from very humble beginnings and are self-made. Because of this, they consider themselves upper middle class and not affluent or rich.

Over 80% of the affluent are a select group of                                 


  • Entrepreneurs

  • Professional Practitioners (Physicians, Attorneys, CPAs, Engineers, etc.)

  • Individuals in the Retirement Red Zone (the 15 years before and after retirement)

  • Share an enthusiasm for helping loved ones and passing along strong family values.

  • Are extremely motivated and won’t settle for “Average.”

  • Have a deep appreciation for hard work and smart decision making.

  • Want to engage best-in-class experts to act as stewards of their vison.

  • Expect objective, conflict – free advice.

  • Want to engage with professional adviser, not a product sales person.

  • Have Investable Assets of $500,000 + or Net worth of $1 million + or $125,000 annual household income



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